100% Authenticity Guarantee

No one wants to receive a fake/counterfit product after saving up for your newest pick up and that's why we are here to help!

Authenticity is the foundation of our business, and every item we sell is inspected by our expert team. Our authenticators are the most experienced and highly trained in the business. In addition, we source our products only from trusted suppliers. Our goal at Aussie Sneaker Plug (ASP) is to be the most trusted marketplace for sneakers, apparel and accessories. All our products come with an authenticity guarantee. This essentially means a money back guarantee if found unauthentic. Our authenticity guarantee gives you the confidence to shop with us.



The Process;

90% of our inventory is held by our small circle of trusted consigners. Once a item has been purchased from our site, it will be shipped from our consigners to our HQ.

*It usually takes 1-3 days for the product to arrive and under-go our authentication process.*


Once the item has arrived to our HQ will under-go our extentensive authentication process, We make sure to check the;

- Colours

- Smell

- Shape

- Meterials

- Quality 

- Fonts, Labels & size tags

- Packaging

Once an item is deemed authentic, we will attach our 100% Authenticity Guarantee tag. On the off chance a consigner has send us a fake pair they will be permanently banned from selling with us. Not to worry! We will get a replacement from another consigner so we can fufill your order! 


If you have any questions feel free to email us: support@aussiesneakerplug.com