ASP Sourcing

Is there that one pair of shoes or garment you really want and is super expensive but you aren't sure where to purchase them from? We are here to help you get your DREAM sneakers or garment and to ensure they're 100% authentic!


Introducing ASP Sourcing;

With our large network and strong relationships with other established and well known resellers within Australia, we can help by being a middle man to help you not get scammed!

To get started shoot us a message on our official sourcing instagram account: @asp_sourcing

If you dont have instagram you can send us an email at:

When getting in contact with us we need to know the - model and size of the sneaker(s)/Garment you are after.

We will get back to you with a qoute on the total price of the shoes + our sourcing fee + shipping fee.

- $45 sourcing fee (inc. GST)

- $15 standard shipping fee / $25 express shipping fee 

*optional extra* - Shipping insurance: tippically $10-$50. The price for shipping insurance varys based on the value of your shoes.


After we have sent the quote and you would like to continue, we require the payment to be made in full.

Payments can be made;

- Online w/ card (+ 1.75% payment proccessing fee)

- Bank Transfer

- Online w/ ZipPay (+ 3.5% payment proccessing fee)

Once paid we will be able to start sourcing your shoes/garment.

Once we have successfully sourced and authenticated your shoes/garment you will be directly contacted with the news! We will then shortly after ship the shoes/garment to the address you have provided us with.


Please note;

The value of sneakers and clothing are ALWAYS going up and down. Prices are subject to change!

Sourcing takes time. It may be 2-6 weeks before we find the desired pair. *typically doesnt take that long, but its good to know*

We do not offer any refunds or reimbursements from sourcing for any reason. - Sourcing takes a lot of time and resources.

All sneakers and clothing come with our 100% Authenticity Guarantee!


For any further questions please contact us via email: